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    Northeastern University: Rachel Berkowitz

    Posted July 30, 2019, 1:29 pm by TeenLife
    Fine Art  Rachel Berkowitz

    Rachel Berkowitz studied the arts at Northeastern University.

    How did you discover your passion for the arts?

    Growing up, I had never considered myself artistic in the traditional sense of drawing and painting, but I had always admired artists and wished that I could find a creative outlet of my own. I finally found that outlet in photography in the seventh grade, when I borrowed my mom’s camera on a whim to take photos for a contest at school. I love how photography allows me to find beauty in ordinary situations and change the perspective in which others see the world. My first artistic love will always be photography, but my passion for the arts has not stopped there. Once I began my education at Northeastern University, I discovered a whole world of arts that I never expected to find.

    Are you involved in productions outside of Media Arts?

    I entered my freshman year at Northeastern as media arts major, concentrating in photography, expecting to focus in on only photography. Once I began my courses, however, I discovered how interdisciplinary the arts can be. I’ve now added on a minor in art history and I continue to challenge myself with classes that are outside of my comfort zone. Through all of these pursuits, I believe that I have curated a truly diverse understanding of the arts. This has been supplemented by countless extracurricular opportunities such as leading our student-run art collective, Spark, working as the Student Government Association’s photographer, and playing in Northeastern’s Symphony Orchestra.

    Why did you pick this particular college?

    One of the main reasons that I chose to attend Northeastern was its location. Since it is right in the middle of Boston, I have been able to explore all of the artistic culture that the city has to offer, including institutions such as the Museum of Fine Arts, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Another reason why I chose Northeastern was its co-op program, which has proven to be one of the best parts of my college experience so far. After completing my first co-op at an advertising agency in New York City, it has become clear that co-op not only provides working experience, but enhances the classroom experience afterwards. Learning from what my classmates have been able to get from their own co-op positions has enriched classroom discussions and allowed me to continue to explore my career path.

    Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

    I hope that in ten years I can use all of my knowledge from Northeastern in order to establish a career in the media field, as a photographer or in communications and marketing.

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