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    Science Summer Programs offer endless possibilities for education and exploration. Middle and high school students seeking a pre-college experience that will help them with current classwork, with their SAT or ACT tests, or in college and beyond can enroll in programs featuring an array of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines. The sessions range from a few days to several weeks. Expert instructors teach in the classroom and from the field, covering subjects as diverse as environmental science, biology, chemistry, physics, astronomy, geology, pre-med, computer science, forensic science, zoology, botany, ecology and many more. Students can engage in college-level research projects, conduct laboratory experiments, and make presentations to their peers, faculty and families. Many of the programs offer college credit, residential housing and extracurricular activities focused on nature excursions such as hiking, biking, camping and rafting.

    Boston Leadership Institute: Anatomy Summer Program (1 Week)
    Summer Programs

    Boston Leadership Institute: Anatomy Summer Program (1 Week)

    Waltham, Massachusetts

    This program will be back in 2022! Join our mailing list to be the first to learn more - https://www.bostonleadershipinstitute.com/mailing-list/.  BLI's one-week pre-med Anatomy course is a jam packed dive into dissections, the skeletal system, neuroscience, and more. If you're a student who prefers a hands experience, join Anatomy and spends hours in the lab every day. ..(more)

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