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    Online Summer Programs

    Why Should I Take A Summer Class Online?

    There are many great reasons to take a class online over the summer. Especially if so many of your favorite in-person programs are canceled. You can still find a way to have a meaningful and enriching summer right from your room! It can also put you ahead in terms of credits and it allows you to pursue subjects you are interested in that might help point the way to a future career. Online learning can also allow you the opportunity to take a course at a prestigious college or university without the need for travel or relocation. There are a number of interesting online courses and virtual ways of meaningfully engaging middle and high school-aged students. They include STEM classes, academic classes, foreign language learning – even remote community service experiences!

    Are Online Classes The Same As In-Person?

    In many obvious ways, the short answer is: no. But does that mean they are worse? No! Online classes have many distinct advantages like being lower in cost and flexible to your schedule (especially if you need to juggle a job this summer). They also can be as unique and meaningful as you wish to make it. While your classmates can’t hang out in-person after class, it doesn’t mean you can’t get to know them and form lasting friendships. The Internet has allowed us to cross over borders and timezones, which helps us connect with people we otherwise would never encounter. It gives us the chance to learn more, in the classroom and about the world around us.

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