Computer Science Summer Programs

    Why Should I Take a Computer Science Summer Program?

    Middle and high school students who are interested in computer science and other STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) topics can plunge into coding and programming in a summer session. Computer science summer programs are held at schools, camps, virtually, and colleges throughout the United States and overseas. Students spend a week or several weeks working on various software platforms as well as learning skills specific to video games, engineering, business, finance or math. They may learn to work with teams to solve problems and encourage innovation. Our listings include computer science and STEM programs specifically for girls.

    Carleton Summer Liberal Arts Institute
    Summer Programs

    Carleton Summer Liberal Arts Institute

    Northfield, Minnesota

    SLAI offers 3-week, online pre-college programs for rising juniors and seniors at a top ten liberal arts college. For the Summer of 2021 we are offering programs with the following topics: Applied Sustainability, Art, Computer Science, Global Pandemics, and Humanities. ..(more)

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