Aerospace Summer Programs

    What Can I Learn From an Aerospace Summer Program?

    Aerospace Summer Programs launch students into college and future careers with new and expanded knowledge of the aerospace industry’s unique combination of technology, aviation and space flight. High school students geared toward STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields and those simply curious about atmospheric and space transportation will flourish as they learn the theory and practice of aerospace technology and processes. Students can even participate in an aerospace program virtually! Many different organizations have found unique ways to deliver the same meaningful, educational summer programs remotely. However many programs also continue to offer in-person, whether it’s a residential or day/commuter program.

    Boston Leadership Institute: Mars Mission Summer Program
    Summer Programs

    Boston Leadership Institute: Mars Mission Summer Program

    Wellesley, Massachusetts

    On this mission to Mars, students will design how we get there, how we land, how we survive once we are there, and if we are very lucky, how we get back to Earth....for those who wish to do so. This is a great pre-college program for teens interested in various fields like rocketry, physics, space biology, engineering, and 3D printing...(more)

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