For over 50 years, Syracuse University Summer College has been giving high school students the opportunity to explore their artistic, intellectual, and professional passions while experiencing college life. Our 60+ programs reflect the richness and diversity of the majors and minors at Syracuse University.

All programs and courses are college-level and led by Syracuse University faculty and instructors. Noncredit and college credit-bearing programs are offered and run at different lengths (1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 weeks) from June 29 through August 9. Field trips and activities on campus give students the opportunity to relax, have fun, and make new friends.

Residential students stay in a residence hall and eat in a dining hall. Students also have access to Syracuse University’s facilities, which include the library, recreation centers, and student centers. Room and board are included in the overnight summer program costs.

Syracuse University Summer College now offers a 1-week SAT & College Prep Institute program. This is an SAT test prep course PLUS a college admissions primer. Two-thirds of the class time will be spent on SAT prep, and one-third on introducing college admissions process and strategy. SAT prep will include classroom instruction on study plans and test techniques as well as feedback on practice tests. The college admissions portion of the class will include instruction on admissions essays, campus visit prep, and practice interviews.

Syracuse University Summer College also offers a 3-week program in Acting & Musical Theater. The program develops students’ performance skills and provides a behind-the-scenes view of theater that combines music, drama, and dance. A performance at the end of the session showcases the students’ improved skills and command of their bodies, mind, and voices.

The Summer College 4-week, 3-credit Architecture program is one of Syracuse University’s most popular summer programs for high school students. Students build their understanding and appreciation of architecture through design problems, drawing and modeling exercises, lectures and tutorials, and class discussions. Living the life of a university architecture student for four weeks can help students decide whether to pursue study in a professional architectural school or in a related field. If a student discovers the desire to pursue architecture as a career, they will have a head start.

 All of Syracuse University Summer College 6-week programs are college-level, college credit-bearing courses. Students earn up to six college credits. Programs and courses are offered in five areas of study and in two enrollment types: programs/courses that are exclusive to Summer College students and programs/courses that are open to both Summer College students and Syracuse University students. Students are enrolled in two courses in this program.

 Here are this summer's 6-week program offerings:

  • Forensic Science
  • Liberal Arts & Sciences
  • Media Literacy, Popular Culture & Democracy
  • Public Communications
  • Writing at the College Level

Be sure to check out our website for more information and application deadlines!

Cost and Session Information

Each program is priced individually based on credit or non-credit bearing and length of program.

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