Welcome to Thailand, the Land of Smiles!

Discover your home away from home at the Rustic Pathways Hill Tribe Service Base, the Ricefields Service Base, or the Elephant Conservation Center. Explore the adventure-filled beaches of the south, immerse yourself in village life through a hill tribe homestay in the lush mountains of the north, or learn the art and science of caring for elephants. Invest your time and energy in small-scale service initiatives in education, healthcare, and development.

Critical Issues Summit: Thailand -- The Critical Issues Summit is a curiosity-driven, action-oriented two-week gathering of change makers from around the world. The first week is an immersion week, and in Thailand we're focusing on Gender Equality: How long until we reach equality? The second week everyone will gather at our Ricefields Service Base to create action plans for positive change. 

Marine and Rainforest Conservation in Thailand -- Learn about the challenging dynamic between the industries that sustain local populations with the conservation of these fragile habitats, home to wondrous creatures that call these waters home.

Southeast Asia by Backpack -- Become an experienced backpacker by planning your meals and taking charge of your travel arrangements as a group during this off-the-beaten-path journey through Thailand and Myanmar. 

Backroads of Southeast Asia -- Embark on this classic backpacking trip through unique and off-the-beaten path locations throughout Southeast Asia. You will have the opportunity to experience rural village life in some of the most beautiful corners of Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Ricefields, Monks, and Smiling Children -- a two-week service-heavy adventure trip at our Ricefields Service Base in Northeastern Thailand. Choose between nine week-long service projects for each week of your stay, and go on optional weekend adventure and cultural immersion side trips throughout Thailand and Laos.

Introduction to Community Service in Thailand -- a week-long version of our Ricefields, Monks, and Smiling Children community service program at our Ricefields Service Base. Choose between nine valuable community service projects and immserse yourself in local culture and activities on the side.

Access to Education: Hill Tribe Support Project -- a week-long stay at the serene Rustic Pathways Hill Tribe Service Base in Northern Thailand. Teach English local Karen schoolchildren from the nearby mountain villages and trek into the surrounding mountainous regions with local guides during your free time.

The Thai Elephant Conservation Project -- a one-week service experience at the Royal Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Northern Thailand. Work daily with your elephant friends under the supervision of professional handlers and learn about the factors influencing their future survival. Explore the wilderness on your elephant and leave your program having become a formally certified elephant handler.

Amazing Thailand -- a week-long, action-packed adventure across Thailand from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. Trek through remote hill tribe villages in the northern mountains, relax on sandy beaches in the south, and venture into Burma and Laos on day trips for a fully immsersive experience of the Golden Triangle region.

Elephants and the Amazing Thailand  -- a two-week long combination of our Thai Elephant Conservation Project and Amazing Thailand Adventure programs.

Elephants and the Amazing Thailand  (College Program) -- a two-week long combination of our Thai Elephant Conservation Project and Amazing Thailand Adventure programs.

Come With Nothing: The Mekong Expedition -- Bring only what you can pack in a carry-on bag and buy additional supplies in local markets in-country. Travel to three remote villages where you will live with the locals and work with them on school and community improvement projects. Moving from northern Thailand and into Laos, you’ll take an awesome overnight boat ride down the Mekong River. 

Island Hopping and Diving -- a two-week adventure program in Southern Thailand. Snorkel and scuba dive while you observe stunning marine life in these tropical waters, explore lush island jungles, rock climb with professionals on the cliffs of Railay Beach, and immerse yourself in the relaxed, laid-back vibe of this tropical region.

Community Health and Wilderness First Aid -- spend one week living at our Ricefields Service Base while you obtain WFA (Wilderness First Aid) and CPR certifications, and then put those skills to use by providing valuable healthcare service to remote villages in Northeastern Thailand.

Hill Tribe Service and Elephant Conservation -- a two-week program that begins with a week of educational service at the Rustic Pathways Hill Tribe Service Base on the Thai-Burma border, and then transitions into a week of elephant handling at the rural Sappraiwan Elephant Sanctuary in the region Sukhothai. Explore the surrounding region in your free time and be sure to partake in adventure activities like whitewater rafting and mountain biking.

The Wonders and Riches of Southeast Asia -- a two-week luxury adventure program through Thailand, Singapore, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Stay in the region's best hotels, dine in celebrated restaurants, and get VIP access to the region's finest attractions as you travel in style across Southeast Asian with two of Rustic's most experienced program directors.

Life on the Margin -- a two-week adventure service program in tribal areas along the Thai-Myanmar border. Travel from village to village as you learn about the challenges faced by villagers, migrant workers, and refugees in marginalized border communities, all while making a group documentary about your experiences on this eye-opening program.

Southeast Asian Adventurer -- Discover the lush landscape of Thailand and Laos by climbing the Wat Phou, hiking the Phousi Mountain, and exploring the untouched wonders of the Thailand’s hidden beaches. 

For more information about our programs in Thailand, visit http://rusticpathways.com/programs/countries/thailand/

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