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Travel, culture, self-discovery, connection. MYX is answering the call of students who understand that there is not only one path to the future. 

Our integrated approach gives you the opportunity to live abroad, immerse yourself in local culture, fuel self-discovery and develop skills that will help you take advantage of every opportunity the world holds. One-to-one coaching, life skills classes, wellness, impact projects and community building are all part of the MYX.

MYX is designed to provide a customized, high-touch gap year or summer program experience. This is the time to understand who you are, what you really want from your life, and how you will get there.

Here's how it works:

1. Choose the location you wish to explore
2. Select an ExploreMYX that suits your interests. If you don't find one that suits, we will customize one for you!
3. On the ground, you'll be introduced to a wide range of people, places, and experiences to inspire your passion project, which is supported by regular classes with our in-house learning team. If you're loving the place and project, you can double down and extend your stay another semester. If you want to gain a comparative perspective, spend semester two at a different MYX location for new classes and a different project - all with the support of your MYX peers and our distinct approach to learning and growth.

While this program is YOURS to create, we offer a supportive structure to gain momentum and be inspired by your community. You'll be living with Gap Year students, college students, and explorers of the world, with the support of our in-house team of Learning Leaders and Cultural Programmers providing classes, feedback, events, and a world of opportunity. 

Learn more on the June 24 TeenLife Virtual Fair.

Cost and Session Information

MYX Tuition starts at $5,400 for our Summer program and $7,650 per semester for Fall & Spring semesters. Tuition is the same across all locations and includes lodging, one-to-one coaching, Impact classes & projects to help local communities and build portfolio pieces, Life Hacks workshops, wellness and movement classes, weekly MYXer Dinner and so much more.

Beyond program inclusions, MYX delivers the support of our House team, as well as access to a global community of exploration every day.

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Participant Reviews

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This program hasn't been reviewed yet. Write the first review!

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