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    Wayne State University: Shannon Kurzyniec

    Posted August 1, 2018, 12:00 pm by TeenLife
    Wayne State University: Shannon Kurzyniec

    Shannon Kurzyniec studies the Fine Arts at Wayne State University.

    How did you first get interested in art?

    There has always been a passion within me for creating – it is a driving factor in all that I do. At a young age I began to wonder how things were made and how could I recreate them. My mom would teach me how to crochet or paint and I became addicted to doing it.

    What’s your favorite part about creating?

    My favorite part about creating something new is knowing that it did not exist in the world before – a one of a kind, something that only I could put into existence. Just as there is much joy in creating, there is much frustration and hardship. You have many trial and errors but from those errors can come great results.

    How did you get interested in Wayne State University?

    After graduating high school, I was not sure what I wanted to do. I took my first college art course in Jewelry and Metal Fabrication at a community college and I was hooked. I then decided to research colleges known for their Fine Arts program. That is how I discovered Wayne State University (WSU).

    What do you like best about Wayne State?

    The art department at WSU offers many areas of study (e.g. Metals, Drawing, Photography, Fibers, Design and much more). I should have known I’d fall in love with all of it as I have taken many of the fine arts courses. The Art Department at WSU is a community. During my time here, I have gotten to know and work with other students that have the same passion for creating as I do.

    Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

    Wayne State has also helped me develop a career path in the arts. Once I complete my degree, I plan to teach, as I want to be able to share the wealth of knowledge that others have shared with me and help spread my love for the arts.

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