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    Theatre Arts Summer Programs

    A combination of classroom and performance work are at the heart of Theatre Arts Summer Programs. Pre-college students can bond with peers, enjoy a creative outlet and build their entertainment experience as they prepare enter college or the professional ranks. Students hone their acting skills, as well as their ability to write, do scene work, perform monologues and improv, and develop character techniques. Programs also include set design and production education, costume design, light and sound design, and stage management. Middle and high school students interested in theatre or who have significant experience already can sample various theatre styles, including comedy, tragedy, historical, musical and theatre of the absurd. Coursework can touch on plot development, thought, diction and spectacle. There are boundless opportunities for education and fun in these theatre programs, which are hosted by colleges, universities, camps, theatres and schools for the arts. Day and residential options are available and programs are typically coed.

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