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    Technology Summer Programs have limitless potential for students seeking a pre-college experience that will help them with current classwork, with their SAT or ACT tests, or in college and beyond. These programs typically offer a large variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines, with subjects including robotics, electronics, medical technology, biotechnology, information technology, digital media, computer science, artificial intelligence and Internet-based technology such as blockchain, cloud computing and the Internet of Things (IoT). Technology program sessions range from a few days to several weeks. Teachers drawn from academia and industry focus their lessons within the classroom and through experimentation and group education. Students can engage in college-level research projects and make presentations to their peers, faculty and families. Many of the programs offer college credit, residential housing and extracurricular activities to bolster social relationship building.

    Stem Cell Research Internship
    Summer Programs

    Stem Cell Research Internship

    Torrance, California

    Want to step into the shoes of a stem cell researcher, performing independent research guided by professional stem cell scientists, in world renowned industry labs that are transforming the future of medicine? The Stem Cell Research Internship Program at Pathways to Stem Cell Science provides this and more!..(more)

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