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    Summer Programs in Costa Rica

    Embrace the pure vida spirit this summer with a summer program in Costa Rica. High school students can choose from a smorgasbord of experiences, from mastering Spanish and giving back to the environment to zip-lining through rainforests and learning about new cultures.

    Many programs offer immersive language courses where you can practice your skills with friendly locals. Navigate bustling markets and order delicious meals with confidence — all in Spanish. Venture out of town to hike through jungles filled with wildlife, rappel down waterfalls, or learn to surf on one of the country’s beaches.

    Channel your inner eco-warrior and participate in critical conservation and environmental programs. Help protect endangered species like sea turtles, help with reforestation efforts, or learn about sustainable farming practices. These programs allow you to make a positive impact while exploring Costa Rica’s beauty.

    High school students who want to study Spanish abroad can combine a variety of these experiences for a truly immersive Costa Rican summer. Take a look at these programs, and then pack your suitcase in anticipation of an amazing summer adventure.

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