STEM Summer Programs in New York

    Middle and high school students who love STEM (science, technology, engineering or math) can find plenty of summer programs in New York City and the surrounding area. Pre-college and other summer programs concentrate on medicine, game design, coding, astronomy and other earth sciences, robotics, forensics and environmental conservation, among others. There are summer STEM programs to match all schedules and budgets in the greater New York area and several are girls-only.

    Summer Institute for the Gifted
    Summer Programs

    Summer Institute for the Gifted

    Explore STEM courses through our advanced STEAM+ curriculum for gifted and talented youth. At Summer Institute for the Gifted, we’ve spent 30+ years crafting a superior curriculum that targets the next generation of STEM groundbreakers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. From robotics and engineering to coding and chemistry – our small class sizes, engaging instructors, and real-world-focused curriculum challenges young minds...(more)

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