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    Religious Studies Summer Programs

    Religious studies is a comprehensive area for study, encompassing many different religious groups from around the world and throughout history. In addition, pre-college students interested in this field can learn more generally about religious thought, ritual, spiritual insight, culture, history, and sacred texts. Colleges typically host these programs, with some offering credit and featuring options for day and residential sessions. Instructors immersed in theology provide education through the study of religious and secular texts and through group discussion and individual instruction. A few of the many religions explored in Religious Studies Summer Programs include Christianity, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, Judaism, Shinto, Sikhism and Taoism. Students can also delve into the various sects that different in ways from the mainstream followers of the world’s major religions. Curiosity, empathy and respect are at the center of these programs, as they offer a chance for students to expand their understanding of the world and connect with diverse viewpoints.

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