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    Political Science Summer Programs

    Should I Take a Political Science Summer Program?

    An introduction to American government and politics, and the opportunity to study diplomacy and international affairs, awaits pre-college students who enroll in Political Science Summer Programs. These programs get students acquainted with college academic and social life. They are typically hosted by colleges and universities and feature top-notch faculty and chances to explore campus and socialize. At the heart of political science programs is a survey of how government and elections work in the United States and abroad. Focusing on American politics, students study topics such as the U.S. Constitution, elections, public opinion, and public policy such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, Civil Rights, foreign policy, Congressional committees, and the U.S. Supreme Court. Depending on the program, students can also delve into global development and international relations. Day and residential sessions are often accompanied by extracurricular activities such as visits to museums, art galleries and public memorials. Virtual programs also offer unique opportunities for students, especially those who need to juggle a full schedule or family and/or work. We know that every student has different requirements and needs before they sign up for a summer program. Your passion for political science should not be hindered by logistics, so a virtual program (that is flexible and fully remote) can be your chance to get the education and experiences you need!

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