Geology Summer Programs

    Geology is about much more than rocks — a fact that pre-college students learn during summer programs designed to provide a foundational and hands-on experience in this exciting category of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education. Academic sessions and internships hosted by top universities and research institutes offer middle and high school students the chance to dig into this Earth science. Modern geology is an interdisciplinary field, overlapping with hydrology and atmospheric sciences, as well as planetary science and engineering. Participants in geology summer programs often combine classroom studies with experiential learning in diverse landscapes. Students delve into subjects such as the rock cycle, mineral evaluation, plate tectonics, Earth structure and geological time, collect samples in the field, analyze materials and conduct laboratory tests. Expert academic, government and industry instructors and peers offer team-based approaches that enhance students’ collaborative abilities. These programs launch students into further academic success and position them for careers in areas including economic geology, geochemistry, geophysics, oceanography, paleontology, volcanology or meteorology.

    Summer Discovery: Penn Summer High School Programs
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    Summer Discovery: Penn Summer High School Programs

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    Ready for a first-rate summer experience at America’s first university? Penn offers an authentic Ivy League experience in the heart of Philadelphia for academically gifted high school students. Penn flourishes in and is enriched by a vibrant urban ecosystem steeped in history and brimming with arts, culture, and innovation. Explore America’s history in Philly’s urban setting and feel the pulse of arts, culture, and innovation. ..(more)

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