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    Environmental Science Summer Programs

    Environmental Science Summer Programs take unique advantage of the warmer months to integrate classroom learning and outdoor activities such as hiking, bicycling and canoeing to create an immersive and empowering educational experience. Curriculum centers around the effects of natural and unnatural processes on the environment. Environmental scientists and expert instructors guide and motivate students as they turn their focus toward the Earth, ocean and sky. Students study the environment and ecosystems through a variety of lenses, including society, history, literature and industry. These summer programs take place in diverse locations, from university campuses to research institutes, camp sites, and even the summit of Mount Washington. Middle and high school students can earn college credit or build portfolios that will advance their academic and professional tracks. The educational foundation established during these programs can propel students toward work in sustainability, public health, environmental policy and planning, agriculture or forestry. Environmental science skills can also benefit students who go into an adjacent field like law, journalism or medicine.

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