Arts Summer Programs

    Why Should I Take an Arts Summer Program?

    Arts summer programs are great for creative middle school and high school students. From theater and dance to singing and drawing, teens can practice their passion at an arts summer program. Choose from day camps, overnight camps, or even an overseas arts summer program! Find an arts-focused summer program that fits all of your needs.

    Is a Virtual Arts Program Worth It?

    Art seems to be a subject that requires in-person, hands-on training and guidance. However, advances in modern technology have allowed students get the necessary feedback and lessons from the other side of the world. Students interested in singing/acting lessons can find that performing in the comfort of your home can help you adjust and be flexible to critiques and feedback. Want to take your writing skills to the next level? Students can still collaborate and share ideas through video call and can even receive real-time edits/suggestions on their writing. Thanks to technology and human ingenuity, students should not be deterred from a virtual art program. Instead, it can be a unique opportunity to participate in something you may have been forced to pass up. Whether it’s due to the cost of the program, distance from home, or even the amount of time traveling and attending would have required. Students can now find a program that fits their exact needs, whether it’s financial or geographic.

    SOCAPA: Performing Arts
    Summer Programs

    SOCAPA: Performing Arts

    New York, New York

    SOCAPA offers intensives in the arts for teens in three unique locations: New York City, Los Angeles and Burlington, VT.  Programs range in length from one to six weeks, providing a place for young artists to explore or hone their craft in a supportive, creative environment...(more)

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