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    SAT Preparation

    While some colleges went “test-optional” during 2020 and well after, the trend is shifting again. Many institutions, including Brown, Dartmouth, MIT, and Yale, are reinstating the SAT or ACT as a required or recommended part of the admissions process. So are public university systems in several states like Florida and Georgia — a trend that might continue throughout the country. Whether your teen’s a wiz at test-taking or suffers anxiety whenever someone mentions standardized tests, SAT preparation offers many benefits.

    Higher SAT scores can open doors to a wider range of colleges and universities. Prep programs equip teens with strategies to think like test designers, increasing their chances of earning higher scores (and admission to their dream schools).

    Many scholarships have minimum SAT score requirements. A stronger score can increase your teen’s competitiveness as an applicant and qualify them for scholarships that can significantly reduce college costs.

    Even for those test-optional schools, a higher SAT score is a valuable asset. It can help your teen’s application stand out, especially at competitive institutions.

    Test prep programs build confidence by familiarizing teens with the test format, content areas, and scoring strategies. Students learn test-taking skills like time management, critical thinking techniques, and the process of elimination to answer questions effectively.

    Standardized tests can be nerve-wracking for even the best-prepared students. SAT preparation courses provide a structured environment with practice tests under timed conditions, simulating the actual test experience. This practice helps teens overcome anxiety and develop their own strategies to perform well on test day. Check out our blog on Tutoring & Test Prep for more resources.