Gap Programs in Australia

    Do you want to explore the world “Down Under?” Spend a gap year or semester in Australia and New Zealand and discover what life is like in the southern hemisphere. Some programs are academic and centered in cities such as Sydney or Newcastle; others are focused on community service, the environment, wildlife conservation or working. Some offer travel to Asia or adventures such as diving on the Great Barrier Reef.

    Trek Epic
    Gap Year Programs

    Trek Epic

    Boise, Idaho

    We offer a transformational opportunity to emerging young adults seeking to expand their understanding of their unique gifts and how they might offer them to the world.  Groups aged 18-24, 25-32, as well as pilgrimages for older adults.  Additionally, we offer two Gap Year options for participants interested in launching into their gap year with an initial 3-week trek, ongoing guidance and mentoring through self selected opportunities, and a capstone 10-day trek. ..(more)

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