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    Gap Programs in Asia

    Unveiling the wonders of a land of ancient traditions: Gap programs in Asia

    Asia. Home to Earth’s highest and lowest points. A continent with the world’s longest coastline and more ecosystems than anywhere else. From bustling megacities to serene temples, it offers a blend of cultural exploration, personal growth, and hands-on learning opportunities to prepare high school graduates for college and beyond.

    Language immersion at its finest. 

    Asia features a rich tapestry of languages, from the pictographs of Mandarin Chinese to Japanese Kanji and the melodic tones of Vietnamese. Homestay programs, intensive courses, and daily interactions within local communities will develop your language and communication skills and deepen your cultural understanding.

    China is a continent steeped in history and tradition. 

    Explore ancient temples in Angkor Wat, marvel at the Great Wall of China, and wander the bustling streets of Tokyo. Gap programs in China offer opportunities to volunteer at cultural preservation projects, connect with the region’s heritage, learn traditional crafts, and learn about the early civilizations’ contributions to agriculture, astronomy, mathematics, and philosophy, which still influence the world today. 

    Volunteer and make a difference. 

    Asia faces a multitude of challenges, from rural development and educational disparities to environmental issues and more. Gap programs connect you with these issues, allowing you to participate in meaningful volunteer work and contribute to positive change alongside local community members and leaders. This experience fosters social responsibility and global citizenship.

    Thrilling adventures await.

     Asia offers endless opportunities for adventure. Trek through the Himalayas in Nepal. Challenge Thailand’s Class II through Class V whitewater rapids. Learn to surf in Bali. Ride a camel in the Gobi Desert. Gap programs often incorporate adventures like these into their curricula.

    Develop practical, transferrable skills. 

    Whether you’re working on a community project in Cambodia, teaching English in a rural Vietnamese village, or assisting with wildlife conservation efforts in Sri Lanka, you’ll gain valuable communication, leadership, and problem-solving skills. They won’t just serve you well abroad — they’ll benefit you in college and your career, too.

    Bridge the gap between cultures. 

    When you live with local families, volunteer within communities, and participate in cultural exchange programs, you gain empathy, understanding, and a global perspective—essential assets in a globally connected world.

    Gap programs in Asia are much more than sightseeing adventures. They’re journeys of self-discovery. You’ll return home with a deeper understanding of the continent’s people, a broadened worldview, and the confidence to thrive wherever life takes you next.

      Gap programs in Asia let you spend a few weeks, a semester or an academic year exploring countries such as Japan, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Korea, Cambodia, India and Nepal. You can spend the time traveling, learning a language, working as an au pair, exploring new cultures, teaching or working on community development and environmental issues. Programs often include travel, community service and language immersion. On a gap year or semester, you can explore Asia and learn important skills you’ll need for college.