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    Colleges & Universities in Florida

    Sunshine, Scholarship, and Success: Florida Colleges and Universities

    Florida beckons with sandy beaches and plenty of sunshine—but beyond its postcard-perfect scenery, the state offers dozens of colleges and universities perfect for any academic interest to ensure you’ll find the perfect fit. There’s a diverse array of public and private institutions, from large research universities to small liberal arts colleges. Florida has a strong presence in the business, engineering, healthcare, and marine science fields, among others.

    Where Innovation Meets Sunshine

    Florida schools offer a wealth of options for any career goal.

    • University of Florida, a highly-ranked public research university, is home to a well-regarded medical school and health sciences programs. It’s also known for its programs in engineering, business, the sciences, and agriculture.
    • Florida State University, a flagship state university with strong programs in law, business, and the sciences. It’s highly ranked for its schools of music, dance, and theater and known for its robust athletics programs, especially its nationally competitive football team.
    • University of Miami, a prestigious private research university, offers excellent programs in medicine, marine and atmospheric science, business, and law. It also has strong athletics programs, especially in football and baseball.
    • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, regarded as one of the top institutions for preparing students for careers in the aviation and aerospace industries, specializes in aviation, aerospace engineering, and related STEM fields.

    Adventure Awaits Outside the Classroom

    College life in Florida is more than academics. Explore the natural wonders of the Everglades, catch some rays on the Atlantic and Gulf coast beaches, study Spanish colonial architecture and influence in cities like St. Augustine, learn about the state’s rich Native American heritage and history, experience the vibrant Cuban and Caribbean cultural influences in Miami, and dream about the wonders of space while visiting the Kennedy Space Center on Florida’s Space Coast.

    Write Your Florida Story

    The state’s colleges and universities offer a solid combination of academic excellence, diverse campuses, a focus on affordability, and a chance to experience the best of Florida living. Whether you’re seeking a world-renowned research program, charming liberal arts college, or program with a specific career focus, Florida’s institutions of higher education have you covered!

      Sunshine State, smarts galore! Florida boasts world-class colleges and universities catering to every academic whim. Whether you’re a tech wiz drawn to the prestigious engineering programs at University of Florida or a budding marine biologist yearning for hands-on experience at the University of Miami, Florida has the perfect fit.  Florida offers competitive tuition rates, especially for in-state students, and a wealth of scholarships and financial aid programs to make your college dreams a reality.