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    Practically Painless Fundraising

    Posted March 31, 2014, 8:06 pm by Heather Jack
    Practically Painless Fundraising

    Do you feel passionate about a specific issue or organization? Perhaps you would like to help them out with a monetary donation, but are a little tight on cash? Maybe you want to get more friends and family involved in a good cause? Or maybe you absolutely dread the thought of raising money or having a drive?

    The following are Practically Painless Fundraising ideas that can be used to mobilize family, community members, and friends to support a good cause!

    11 Ideas for Practically Painless Fundraising

    1. For your birthday, have family and friends give presents that support a specific cause or organization.

    This can be applied to other gift-giving occasions as well. For example, if you want to help animals in need call a local animal shelter to learn what their greatest needs are and make a list. Give the list to friends and family and ask them to bring gifts for the animals (ex. bowls, water dishes, toys, food, blankets, etc). Then give the gifts to a local shelter.

    2. Babysit, work outdoors, or have a bake sale.

    Donate the money you earned to help a specific cause.

    3. Send out a message on social media.

    If you post your organization along with a fundraising link on Facebook or Twitter, many of your friends will share your passion and donate right away! You can also start a free fundraising page on sites such as FirstGiving or Razoo and share that link with your friends.

    3. Walk or run and raise money.

    Donate for example to families who do not have a home of their own. Get the word out by posting your cause online.

    4. Sponsor a party, meal or festival.

    People can learn more about a specific cause, have fun, and give money to help out. Perhaps your family was inspired by travel or study in a developing nation? Or maybe you are hosting a foreign exchange student who would like to benefit the needy from her country? You could have a culture evening where you share the food and culture while also asking for donations to help buy school supplies or to provide micro-loans to women starting up their own businesses.

    5. Organize a drive to collect items in your family’s neighborhood, place of worship, classroom or school.

    Find out what the organization needs (many places have a Wish List, but do not hesitate to contact them directly as these needs may change). Work with your family to make and decorate posters, advertise what you will collect, and get permission from the right people to collect everything! Make sure to thank everyone for their generosity and hard work.

    6. Have a garage sale and donate the money to a good cause!

    Clean out those closets! Anything that you don’t sell can also be donated to help others as well. (You might consider if the items would have more value if you gave them to someone in need directly or if you sold them and gave the money to a good cause).

    [Find volunteer opportunities in your area!]

    7. Have an auction!

    Get lots of your family and friends together who are willing to make or do something to help people and then sell it at an auction to the highest bidder. You can use the money you raise to donate to an important cause or a volunteer project in the future.

    8. Talk with your family about the importance of supporting others and helping them out financially, even if you can not afford to give very much.

    Some families find that it is helpful to automatically set aside a certain percent (or amount) of money they earn each month and donate it to a good cause or charitable organization that they admire. Talk with your family to decide who or the organization(s) you would like to support. You could rotate and help fund a different special project every month (or a few times a year) if you are having a hard time choosing just one place.

    9. Make cards, picture frames, magnets or other special artwork.

    Art can be sold to provide resources as well as bring joy to someone else’s life.

    [Are you too busy with school to volunteer? Try a summer volunteer program!]

    10. Hold a Marathon Fundraiser.

    You could have an all-night dance competition, game night, etc with the money going to benefit a good cause of your choice.

    11. Be creative!

    Use great ideas of your own to come up with more fun and effective ways to help out!

    Good luck! We hope you find these ideas to be fun and rewarding ways to fundraise for your favorite causes!

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    Heather  Jack

    Heather Jack

    Heather Jack has extensive experience in the private as well as the nonprofit sector. She worked in the legal industry until 2002, when after the birth of her daughter, she founded a nonprofit called The Volunteer Family, which helps families, especially those with children, find volunteer opportunities that they can do together. She has been featured in numerous publications such as Family Circle, Parenting Magazine, and the New York Times.