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    Consultant Spotlight: Charlotte Klaar

    Posted by Charlotte Klaar PhD

    Charlotte Klaar is an Independent Educational Consultant and founder of Klaar College Consulting.

    What Types of Students Do You Serve?

    I serve college-bound high school students, transfer students, and those who need some help refining their career choices.

    What Types of Experiences Do You Think They Need to Succeed in College and Life Beyond School?

    To succeed in college and in life, it is important that students become self-aware. To know what they like and don't like and what they are good at and what is not easy for them. They should explore colleges that are a good fit and match for them. Students need to demonstrate intellectual curiosity and challenge themselves in a rigorous curriculum within which they can succeed at the A/B level. Most of all, students should explore their interests because it is the only way they will find their passions. Participate fully in a few activities that make them happy. College and life will then take care of themselves.

    How Do You Use TeenLife's Resources? Describe How You Share Them With Parents and Students.

    I frequently Tweet messages that I see in TeenLife and share articles that I think would be of particular interest to a family. The specialized guides (Summer Programs, Gap Year, Careers in STEM, or the ARTS), are top-notch.

    What Advice Do You Have for Program Marketers?

    Advertising in TeenLife can put you in front of a wide range of people with whom you may work in the future as well as having the added credibility of advertising in a well-respected publication.

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    Charlotte Klaar PhD

    Dr. Klaar utilizes a no-nonsense, no-excuses style as she works with students to make the college search, application and essay process an adventure of self-discovery and growth. Along the way, she helps students learn to make informed decisions and to own the college search process.