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    Klaar College Consulting

    Klaar College Consulting


    • Listing Type: Service Providers
    • Category: Independent Educational Consultant
    • Sub-Categories: College Advisor, Parenting Advisor, Summer Program Advisor, Career Advisor
    • Affiliations: Independent Educational Consultant Association (IECA), Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA)
    • Service Delivery: In-Person, Online
    • Accreditation: IECA Professional Member
    • Call: (803) 487-9777
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    As an experienced Certified Educational Consultant, I’ve guided hundreds of students to college success.  I can advise on your high school courses and activities, community involvements, college admissions, college application, college resume, college essay, FAFSA, financial aid, and SAT and ACT Tests.

    I'll get to know you and your passions and help you achieve success at a college that's a good fit for YOU !


    I take a no-nonsense, no-excuses approach to make the college search, application and essay process a delightful adventure of self-discovery and growth for students. Along the way, Klaar College Consulting helps students learn to make more informed decisions and to own the college search process.

    I also offer Early Bird Comprehensive Services that start as early as ninth grade to ensure that your student gets and stays on track.


    • "Charlotte worked with both of my children through the college admission process. She helped each of them to figure out what they really wanted out of a college experience. My children loved working with her. Each of them had a successful experience at college that was a perfect fit for their educational and social/emotional requirements. It was an excellent experience and I highly recommend her services."

      - Susan Orciuch - February 24, 2021
    • We couldn't be happier with the help Charlotte Klaar has provided for our HS senior. She's exceptionally knowledgeable, very responsive and always provides clear, well organized and useful direction for each step along the way. That's been helpful to our son to keep him on track while making sure he's taking responsibility for his applications and everything remains his work. It's also been enabled us to relax and know that he'll get to through the process without missing the many things that need to be tracked. Happy to recommend Charlotte without reservation.

      - Ronald Holtz - April 22, 2019
    • I've know and respected Charlotte for a long time. She has worked long and hard to establish her credentials and her consulting business ... and it's clear that she is well position to provide his quality services. We approached her more than a year ago ... while our son, Matt, was a Junior in HS ... seeking her guidance and support. In the first phase of her work with us, she listened to our criteria ... and we had lonely two: (1) high quality programs in communications that included options in sports broadcasting and journalism, and (2) colleges and universities on the Tuition Exchange. She provided us with a list of about a dozen schools in three clusters ... which she and we discussed with Matt. We visited a number of those schools in summer 2018, which helped us further prioritize them. In the second phase, Charlotte worked closely with Matt on elements of his application, including his test scores, early applications, and essays. In the end, thanks to Charlotte, Matt wound up applying to eight schools ... was accepted at all of them ... and was offered Tuition Exchange support. Matt is very happy to be headed to his top choice, Syracuse's Newhouse School of Communications this Fall. For those who seek strategic guidance and support of this kind, Charlotte can be as beneficial for you as she was for us. Dr. Tom Marcinkowski, Program Chair, Education and Interdisciplinary Studies Programs, Florida Tech Like

      - Thomas Marcinkowski - August 18, 2018
    • "Essays are not about facts and figures - they're about the student. Charlotte helped Carolyn discover her inner passion which brought out her creativity and personality in her essay - a guidance counselor with 500 students wouldn't have done that. Charlotte helped us understand what was important to highlight about our daughter's strengths and accomplishments in her college applications - and that's what got her accepted!"

      - J Wright - June 21, 2017