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    What’s “College Fit” and How Do You Get It?

    Posted February 29, 2016, 3:10 pm by Cyndy McDonald
    What’s “College Fit” and How Do You Get It?

    Parents talk about it. Your friends joke about it. But what is “college fit?”

    Think of a picture of college that brings four elements together – academic, social, physical and financial – to make the best fit for you. Your best fit will not look like that of your best friend or your older sibling. Now is the right time to explore what the right combination of these four elements is for you!

    As you research colleges, ask these questions:


    1. Does it offer my major?

    2. How serious are students about academics?

    3. How varied is the curriculum?

    4. What classes do I need to take for general education?

    5. What schedule is the college on? (semester, quarter, 4-4-1, 4-1-4)


    1. How many students go here?

    2. How diverse is the student body?

    3. What happens on the weekends on campus?

    4. What clubs, organizations or social groups can I join?

    5. Would I fit in here?


    1. What is the community like around the college?

    2. What does the college itself look like?

    3. Would my parents feel I was safe here?

    4. Does it offer the community feel I am looking for?


    1. What scholarships does the college offer?

    2. What do I need to do to qualify?

    3. What are the total costs of going here?

    4. Will I count as an in-state student or out-of-state student? (for public schools)

    5. If I am out of state, any tuition waivers or options available to me?

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    Cyndy McDonald

    Cyndy McDonald

    Cyndy McDonald, founder and president of GuidedPath Edge, a college planning tool. Use GuidedPath Edge to navigate the complex college planning process.