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    Try Our 3 Ways to Push Through a ‘Senior Slump’

    Posted February 23, 2016, 2:00 pm by Nicolaus Jannasch
    Try Our 3 Ways to Push Through a ‘Senior Slump’

    I remember what it was like during the last few months of high school.

    I was safely accepted into a college I was happy with, and the drive to do well on my grades just wasn’t there anymore. All I wanted to do was hang out with friends and put class out of my mind.

    But while it was tempting to put my assignments on the back burner, I pushed myself to do well until the end. I suggest you do the same, because colleges can decide to reject you based on your last semester grades if they’re bad enough.

    Here are a few ways to help you stay on track even as your high school career comes to an end.

    1. Check off the days.

    When you’ve got two months left that small amount of time can feel like an eternity. Parents who’ve been alive for three times as long as you just don’t understand how slowly these last few weeks drag by.

    A good way to see your progress towards the end of the year is to get a calendar and mark the last day of school with big bright colors. (Just to make sure you can’t miss it.) Then, cross off the days as you get closer and closer. As you see the gap shrinking you’ll get a visual representation of the short time you have left in school and it won’t feel like those final weeks of studying are lasting half a lifetime.

    2. Study with friends.

    During my final months of high school I wanted to see everyone as much as possible. I knew I was leaving for college and that this was the last extended period of time we’d have together.

    I had a lot of friends hang out at my house, and while we did have a lot of non-school-related fun (video games, airsoft, poker) we also devoted some of our time to studying. This was a win-win because we were able to learn what we needed for class and relax together at the same time. Studying together meant we weren’t always trying desperately to make time to see each other before we left for college.

    3. Connect with your teachers.

    Nobody likes to let people down after forming a relationship with them. It’s human nature to want to keep those around us happy! That’s why you’re much more likely to push through till the end if you get to know your teachers a little better during the last few months of school.

    It’s never too late to stay a few minutes after class to talk. This is especially important if you’ve never taken the time to talk with your teachers outside of class. Doing so can give them a larger space in your mind, meaning you’re more likely to think about them and not want to disappoint them when you’re deciding whether to study or slack off. (Also, if they like you they’ll be more likely to bump up your grade a little if you’re on the edge!)

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    Nicolaus Jannasch

    Nicolaus Jannasch

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