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    Travel For Teens: Katie Curran

    Posted January 8, 2018, 10:00 pm by TeenLife
    Travel For Teens: Katie Curran

    Katie Curran traveled to Germany, France and England with Travel for Teens the summer of 2014 at age 16. She visited Berlin, Paris and London.

    Reason to get out of my comfort zone:

    I have a true passion for traveling, and I always want to explore new places. Travel for Teens looked like an amazing organization that would allow me to experience three dynamic cities as a traveler instead of a tourist. To me, travel is a great adventure of self-exploration. Through my experiences, travel has become the blood that fills my veins, making me who I am. As a global citizen, I’ve caught a case of wanderlust. I wish to continue fueling my fiery passion for travel and exploration forever.

    Why I loved it:

    I became such great friends with the other students on the tour. The kids were from all across the nation with interesting backgrounds. We really bonded on the trip. The students definitely added so much to the trip. I still stay in touch with them.

    Favorite moment:

    I really enjoyed touring the Palace of Versailles in France. We took the train for the day to see the palace. We explored the breathtaking gardens, rowed on a lake and toured the inside of the palace. I am very interested in history, so it was great to see history come alive.

    Most insane or funniest moment:

    Every meal overseas holds an insane or funny moment. It’s always an adventure trying foods out of your comfort zone. You really understand the local culture when you try their cuisine. I always think it’s fun to see how everyone in the group reacts to new foods.

    Biggest surprise:

    I traveled overseas during the World Cup in 2014. It was so exciting to see the fan zone at the Brandenburg Gate, where Germans celebrated the games on television. In addition, we watched a soccer game at a restaurant in Paris. It was thrilling to cheer on the French team with the locals.

    My best advice:

    Take the opportunity and travel. It will undoubtedly change you as a person. You will come home with a new perspective of the world and have a greater appreciation for cultures. Traveling is absolutely amazing! I can’t believe the deep, permanent change that I experienced in myself in one summer.

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