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    Student Testimonial: Parzival Academy

    Student Testimonial: Parzival Academy

    Posted August 19, 2021, 2:15 pm by TeenLife
    parzival student testimonial

    Dane Seuss - Parzival Academy

    Why Did You Choose To Participate in This Program?

    I was looking for something that was unique and would benefit me in my day-to-day-life, how I react in situations, and how I perceive everything around me.

    How Did You Decide Which Program Was Right For You?

    The socio-entrepreneurial side was attractive to me, given that I wanted to build my music career, but the character development has been my biggest takeaway from Parzival Academy.

    What Was The Most Memorable Part of Your Program?

    All of the components coming together in the program has made me realize what this program has really given me. The Navigating Extremes course was a favorite. That's something that will apply in life for the rest of your life. Learning to stay composed and balanced in almost any given situation has helped me get through a lot. Even a year and a half ago, I wouldn't have handled things as well. It's all translated to my day-to-day life. People have noticed and wondered how I've become different. I'm a lot more aware and understanding in my life. I'm able to acknowledge what's going on rather than being overwhelmed by it.

    The instructors also care deeply. Every student got the same attention and love. All of us grew a lot thanks to that. I felt like I mattered and was supported. I liked having a mentor I could talk to about anything I was going through.

    What Advice Do You Have For Teens Looking For Similar Programs?

    If you're looking for something that will offer a depth of understanding of yourself and where you stand in this world, Parzival is the perfect place for you. It's helped me find my place and be more confident in who I am as an individual and what I'm aspiring to become.

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