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    Parzival Academy – Gap Program of Self-Discovery

    Parzival Academy – Gap Program of Self-Discovery


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    Parzival Academy offers young adults the opportunity to discover more of who they are, connect to their values and purpose, envision what's possible, and create a life that's sustainable, fulfilling and meaningful. Students receive personalized mentoring while implementing real, hands-on projects, becoming wise leaders, and sharing their gifts with the world in meaningful ways.

    Parzival Academy was created for young adults in response to the question, “How can I create a meaningful, sustainable life while being confident and true to myself, especially in a world that seems so unstable?” Parzival’s unique 12-week intensive program offers young adults the resources and resilience needed to confidently navigate life's challenges, while cultivating a socio-entrepreneurial spirit to serve them no matter which path they choose to take in life.

    Parzival supports students to:

    • Know their unique talents & strengths
    • Clarify their vision & live it authentically
    • Apply their strengths to create a sustainable livelihood
    • Cultivate entrepreneurial leadership qualities of experimentation, resilience & collaboration
    • Be joyfully productive & manage time effectively
    • Create a healthy balance of vocational & personal life
    • Develop confidence & clarity
    • Find their authentic voice
    • Learn through creativity, practice and project-based applications
    • Communicate effectively & reach those they're meant to serve
    • Find their authentic path to fulfillment and sustainability
    • Cultivate independence, collaboration and connection

    Parzival Academy serves as a valuable gap year and/or a powerful ally and complement to other trainings. Parzival students receive personalized mentoring from experienced business/life coaches, while implementing real, hands-on projects that result in valuable skills and confidence building. They'll connect in a community of others on the journey to find their place in the world, work together in real-time to accomplish their goals, and build confidence in their gifts while staying true to themselves. Parzival Academy creates an empowering foundation for young adults to grow and thrive.

    Our program is not for everyone, but if what's for everyone is not for you...

    ...maybe we are what you're looking for!

    To learn more about our program, visit our website!