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    Student Testimonial: Anderson University

    Posted May 18, 2022, 10:00 am by TeenLife
    Max Milian - Commercial Music Major at Anderson University South Carolina

    Why Did You Choose Anderson University and this Major?

    I chose Anderson University because its professors and students were the type of people that I wanted to be surrounded by for four years. God-fearing, creative, knowledgeable, supportive, and talented. It was made very clear to me that the foundation of this university is the gospel of Jesus Christ.

    Also, the university proved to me that they were going to invest in me, not just monetarily, but by giving me opportunities and attention that larger schools could not afford to give.

    I chose the commercial music major because I knew my passions and talents lied in music, but I was not sure yet where I wanted to focus those talents. The commercial music program is very broad and allows for students to taste a lot of different experiences and responsibilities to see which the student gravitates towards.

    What Did You Hope to Get Out of the Program, and Did You Achieve It?

    I wanted to spend four years tasting a bunch of different areas within the world of music. That is exactly the sort of education I received. As a performer, I've been on stage playing piano, keyboards, synthesizers, drum set, percussion, electric bass, melodica, vocoder, and even triggering Ableton through a novation launchpad. I've performed with commercial ensembles, choirs, orchestras, music theatre shows, jazz combos, big bands, and worship teams. I've gotten to arrange, orchestrate, music direct, and conduct on many different occasions. I received a lot of creative liberty that truly blessed my education by letting me passionately run after any new idea that excited me.

    Did You Have to Prepare for this Major in Any Way?

    I felt very prepared for this major. I had a background in performing, with choirs, jazz bands, orchestras, and worship bands. I also had begun an online presence, which has blossomed during my college career. Lastly, I had a head start in the theory program because music theory was my obsession in high schooI. This is not necessary, but it enabled me to not have to stress about freshman level theory course, because my foundation was solid.

    What is a Typical Day at Anderson University Like?

    The typical day as a commercial music major in AU is really special. I would start my day by grabbing a breakfast sandwich at Chronicles Cafe. Then, I would do my daily bible study before my first class. Then, I'd go to some of the various exciting music courses offered here (some of my favorites were Conducting I, Orchestration, Entrepreneurship, and Theory V). Grab lunch with some friends after class at Chick-fil-a.

    Then I'd head back to the fine arts center to run a rehearsal with my commercial music band. We'd often grab dinner together in the Culinary Center after rehearsal. After that I'd often spend my evenings either having a jam session with my fellow students, working in the recording studio on an album, or attending a performance of a friend either on or off campus.

    What Was the Most Memorable Moment of Your Time at Anderson University?

    Probably the jam sessions will be the most memorable. We spend so much time in rehearsals and shows together, playing pre-arranged, programmed music, and it's always very fun. But, when we can all get together in a rehearsal room or in the auditorium late-night, and just freely express ourselves... there is no feeling more special. It's like one big party celebrating music, each other's talents, and a very good God. Somebody starts improvising some lick, and the night takes off. No one knows where it will end up, but it is always special. It's my favorite aspect of the culture here at Anderson University's commercial music program.

    What Advice Do You Have for Teens Looking for the Right College?

    Ask yourself who you want to be in four years. Then, find the place that is going to support you as you work towards becoming that man or woman. Look past the glitz and glamour; look past the distractions. Get to know the identity of a school and compare it with your own.  Then, pray, and when the decision feels right, you'll know you've received peace from the Lord.

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