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    School of the Art Institute of Chicago Gap Year: Samantha Whitlock

    Posted December 11, 2017, 5:00 pm by TeenLife
    School of the Art Institute of Chicago Gap Year: Samantha Whitlock

    I took the Environmental Sculpture class at School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and it was one of the most enlightening art classes I've ever taken.

    Not only is the SAIC campus an alluring space, but it has some of the best teachers I've ever had. The faculty doesn't just teach you how to create art; they teach you to think like an artist. In this particular course, they also taught us how to collect materials and how to seek inspiration from our surroundings.

    Of course, you are welcome to use all the amazing visual arts resources they have, from the wood shop, to the plaster room, to the media center and much more.

    SAIC ‘s location in the heart of Chicago offers so many opportunities to enhance your learning experience. At the end of the program, there is a gallery opening where all the students' work is displayed. This is an incredible opportunity and a big step into what life as an artist is like.

    This experience was more than I could ever have imagined in exploring my passion for art. This is such a useful class that greatly prepares you for college; I would recommend taking any SAIC class. The opportunity is too good to miss!

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