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    Norwich University of the Arts: Kyra Vergho

    Posted June 18, 2018, 12:00 pm by TeenLife
    Kyra is a student at Norwich University School of the Arts

    Kyra Vergho is studying games art and design at Norwich University of the Arts.

    How did you discover your passion for games design?

    You know those kids you see in Facebook videos? The ones who’ve drawn on the walls and are smeared with paint and marker because they were left alone for 10 minutes? I was that kid. I ended up in every art class my parents could find, hoping to keep my scribbles on paper instead of on the curtains. I’d never really thought of art as a career though until I started high school at Orange County School of the Arts. I went in wielding a sketchbook full of ideas and emerged with a passion for making video games and the beginnings of a skill set that could help me.

    Why did you pick Norwich University of the Arts?

    For such a big industry, it’s very difficult to find a strong college program in game art since it’s still a relatively new academic field. I sent my application to a select few schools that looked promising, and took a chance on that one “reach school” that every high school counsellor tells you to apply for. You know, because you can. Soon that “reach school” decided to turn back around and reach out to me, and a few weeks later I was in England for the first time visiting Norwich University of the Arts and falling in love with everything I saw.

    What has been your favorite part of this program?

    Now I’m finishing off my first year, and I can easily say I’ve learned more than I ever expected I would have when I first confirmed my spot at NUA. I’ve learned that art is hard, and that I won’t always get struck by a lightning bolt of inspiration when presented with a blank canvas. I’ve learned that I’m a minority in my field because the games Industry is desperately lacking in female representation. I’ve also learned that those challenges motivate me to work harder, take on more responsibility, and push myself outside of my comfort zone.

    How do you think this program will help in what you want to do next?

    I’m abroad getting my degree because I want to go that extra mile (well actually 5,451 miles) to be artistically successful. I’m surrounded by course staff who have valuable experience in the industry, students who have just as much drive to learn from the university as they do to learn from each other, and an entire country full of life experience that I’d never have gotten without reaching for it. I’m here to learn, grow, and fight for success. That’s exactly what Norwich University of the Arts is helping me do.

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