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    The College of Creative Arts at Massey University: Kelly Moneymaker

    Posted August 18, 2019, 12:29 pm by TeenLife
    Music Kelly Moneymaker

    Kelly Moneymaker studied the arts at The College of Creative Arts at Massey University.

    How did you discover your passion?

    When I was two years old, I told my dad I wanted to be a singer. I started singing, then writing, then producing, then making my own videos, which led me to this degree. I wanted to be better at making videos and I've discovered newfound passions–filmmaking and sound design.

    What’s your favorite part about creating?

    I don't have a favorite part of creating. I love conceptualizing, exploring, refining, finishing then watching people's reactions. My favorite part of performing is the exchange of energy between the audience and me. It's different every time.

    What’s the hardest part for you about creating?

    There are never enough hours in a day to explore the ideas that race through my head. I already have issues with sleeping.

    Why did you pick this particular college?

    I fell in love with New Zealand while traveling here years ago and I wanted to resume studies to upgrade my tech skills. The facilities at The College of Creative Arts at Massey University are state of the art, so I feel very fortunate every time I use the studios and the gear. This program has a more "hands-on" approach to learning. The staff is at the top of their field in the creative media industry and they are very supportive.

    What has been your favorite part of this college?

    Learning from the knowledgeable and experienced staff and exploring ideas with other passionate, like-minded students. And the equipment–did I mention the equipment?

    How do you think this program will help in what you want to do next? Where do you imagine yourself in 10 years?

    I've been writing songs since I was 11 years old, became a professional singer when I was 13 years old, and I hope to continue learning and creating until my bones turn to dust. This degree has provided me the skills to express myself in new ways.

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