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    9 Reasons to Read Even If It’s Not Assigned

    Posted March 4, 2016, 2:00 pm by Katrielle Soussana
    9 Reasons to Read Even If It’s Not Assigned

    Not everyone likes to read, and that likely stems from being forced to read books that you don’t want to in school.

    But, if you read on your own and for your own enjoyment, then maybe it’ll make school reading less painful! If you find one good book that you love, it might be the gateway into the genre that you’ll enjoy best. And there are more at least nine more reasons to pick up a book on your own:

    1. It’s fun!

    Reading is an enjoyable, free entertainment, and you get to use your singular, unique imagination! You just have to hop on over to the local library and borrow any book you want. You could even start a collection of all your favorite books!

    2. It will improve your writing.

    I’ve learned many things from reading all types of books, such as commonplace phrases, jokes, and new words that I can use in everyday conversation. Who knows, maybe reading books when you’re young will inspire you to write your own book one day.

    3. If you’ve already read a book and you’re class is about to start it, then you have an advantage.

    You understand the plot and the characters better. I’ve noticed that if I read a book for a second time, I catch so many additional details. Sometimes you can appreciate a book better the second time around.

    4. Your vocabulary will expand.

    If you keep a dictionary or the Internet near you, you can look up any word that you don’t understand. And, even if you don’t have either of those tools, you can always ask someone or use context clues. I know, I sound like a teacher, but it’s true! If you use context clues, you may not know the exact definition, but you’ll get the general gist of it. Fair warning: Try and make sure that you understand how a word is pronounced before you say it in public. Normally, they have a pronunciation key on Google. In one embarrassing moment, I pronounced epitome, eh-pit-towm instead of eh-pid-oh-me. Another moment, and by far more mortifying, was when I pronounced colonel, as caw-low-nul, in lieu of kernel. At least during those two moments I was only in the company of my father and not someone more judgemental.

    5. You’ll learn new things!

    Every time I read a book and there’s some kind of cultural, human, or random reference, I research it! I’ve learned so many things by just doing that. If you don’t have the Internet available, you can try an encyclopedia - not as fun, but essentially the same thing.

    6. It’ll cure your boredom.

    Think of it as going on an adventure that you wouldn’t be able to do in real life. Whether it be fantasy, sci-fi, fiction, non-fiction, historical, or just plain old poetry, you can experience all of the stories through the characters. You can travel the world with only your mind and some words.

    One of my favorite quotes about reading is by George R.R. Martin who says, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies. The man who never reads lives only one.” This really encompasses my point.

    7. Reading works your brain and makes you think.

    Have you ever tried to figure out who did the crime in a mystery novel or what the metaphors mean in a poem?

    8. It’s a good way to make new friends.

    Bonding over your favorite books is something that makes you instantly click with someone new. I know I’ve made my fair share of friends by loving the same books.

    9. It’s cathartic and a stress-reliever.

    If you’re in a tough situation at home, school, or work you can open up a book and the only thing you need to worry about is the story, characters, and plot.

    Some of my favorite books are the Harry Potter series, “The Book Thief,”” Night” by Elie Wiesel, “Life of Pi,” “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime,” “The Kite Runner,” and “The Inheritance Cycle.”

    What are your favorite books?

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    Katrielle Soussana

    Katrielle Soussana

    Katrielle Soussana is a student in North Carolina who has a passion for learning and helping others. She plans to pursue a career in STEM. She has her own blog, www.sagacity.space which is about education and school.