Worcester Academy Summer Video Game Design

Worcester, MA


Campers will spend the week creating video games through the Scratch programming language.

Campers can try and recreate games that they have played for years or try to make an invention of their own. Participants will create games that can be controlled from several different mechanisms including a motion sensors. The atmosphere of camp will be one of collaboration where students will collaborate on projects and provide each other with feedback and suggestions for improving their creations. Any prior knowledge of video games will provide a basis for discussions about what makes games interesting and fun to play, we will use this information as part of their design process. Campers will be provided computers and other hardware to use at camp. Campers of all levels will be challenged to create something appropriate for their age and ability level. At the end of camp there will be a game expo to show off student creations. After lunch each day, the campers will participate in different activities including swimming and dodgeball.

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