Worcester Academy Summer Science Camp

Worcester, MA


The Worcester Academy Science camp is designed to excite, engage and motivate young people interested in science.

The camp allows children to develop their own investigations of interesting scientific phenomena. Sample student investigations might include:

What is the energy content in food? (Chemistry

What factors influence feeding rate in Tetrahymena? (Biology)

What are the forces responsible for launching a water rocket? (Physics)

Participants will pursue these and other exciting research questions in the newly renovated Kingsley Laboratory building. They will have fun developing and conducting experiments and will learn how science applies to their everyday lives. The students will also learn the fundamentals of experimental design. For example, they will learn how to state a testable hypothesis, collect, organize and graph data. They will recognize the importance of replication and the inclusion of a control group. They will understand the importance of effectively communicating their results. The camp will conclude with a scientific symposium where students will share their findings with family and friends.

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