Worcester Academy Summer Robotics Camp

Worcester, MA


Robotics Camp is an inquiry-based experience that encourages motivated students to explore the fundamental concepts of engineering through robotics.

Students will be encouraged to work at their own pace both individually and in small groups to learn the basics of robotics prior to building and programming their own robot to perform a variety of increasingly challenging tasks such as:

Selecting, pick up and carry various objects

Navigating around obstacles and find its way through a maze

Playing music

Boogie-ing around the dance floor

In addition to participating in these and other fun hands-on projects, campers will have the opportunity to go on robotics related field trips, watch robotic movies, participate in recreational games and swim. Robotics Camp will culminate with a robotics symposium through which students can share the results of their work with friends and family. Worcester Academy Robotics Camp counselors all have a passion and enthusiasm for robotics.

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