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The College of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BSOS) is a premier institution of academics, instruction, research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through Terp Young Scholars, students engage in a special opportunity to learn and critically think about human behavior.

ECON181: Putting a Price on the Environment - Online

How does society balance the benefits of environmental protection and preservation against the costs? Though some might say that the environment is priceless, economists recognize that every action involves trade-offs. This course investigates sustainability through comparing costs and benefits. From this perspective, other questions arise: How can we design policies that incentivize sustainable choices? Why might usual market functioning fail to achieve sustainability? Do we need to put a price on the environment in order to protect it? How do we measure an economy's "success"? This course explores the answers to these and other related questions from an economist's perspective.

GEOG172: Earth From Space - Online

Earth observations from space enable the mapping and monitoring of our changing planet. This survey course reviews current observational capabilities and examines scientific applications in quantifying global environmental change. Drivers and outcomes of key dynamics will be illustrated and discussed, including sea and continental ice loss, deforestation, ocean warming, urbanization, agricultural expansion and intensification, and vegetation response to climate change.

MLAW 298M: Mock Trial - Online

Experience the excitement and reward of arguing, and perhaps winning your client's case in court! Mock Trial is designed to introduce students to the key principles of trial advocacy through a “learn by doing” approach to instruction. While classes will include explanatory lectures, the emphasis will be on learning through student exercises and by students observing and analyzing the performances of others.

While no one should expect to leave this class as a polished advocate ready for trial, everyone can expect to leave with a greater understanding of litigation tactics and courtroom performance.  Irrespective of initial skill levels, students will leave this class with greater confidence in public speaking and advocacy. Should you apply and be admitted to the University of Maryland, College Park as a degree-seeking student, this course will also prepare you to join the national champion UMD Mock Trial team when you enroll.

PSYC 221: Social Psychology - Online

This course looks closely at the influence of social factors on the individual and on interpersonal behavior. Topics such as conformity, attitude change, person perception, interpersonal attraction, and group behavior will be discussed. Students in this class will study the psychology of persons and their relationships with others and with groups and with society as a whole. This class will also look at macrosocial phenomena (e.g. social class) as they relate to the attitudes and behavior of individuals. Of special concern to psychological sociologists is how to explain a variety of demographic, social, and cultural facts in terms of human social interaction. Some of the major topics in this field are social inequality, group dynamics, social change, socialization, and social identity.

PSYC 354: Multicultural Psychology - Online

What are the psychological implications of racism, sexism, homophobia and other structures of inequality in the United States? How do socio-cultural privilege and oppression influence individual and group thoughts, feelings, and behaviors? This course will take a current events focus to understanding multicultural and social justice issues in psychology with an emphasis on self-reflection, mental health, cross-cultural communication, and strategies for social change.

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