The Experiment in International Living offers 3-, 4-, and 5-week summer programs for high school students in Europe; the Americas; Africa, south of the Sahara; North Africa and the Middle East; and Asia and the Pacific.

Why The Experiment

The Experiment's programs give high school students the chance to connect deeply and engage meaningfully with the richness and complexities of another country. Participants explore the host country through hands-on experiences in local communities and through the lens of a specific theme.

Program themes:

  • Language and Cultural Discovery
  • Arts and Social Change
  • Sustainability and the Environment
  • Peace, Politics, and Human Rights
  • Experiment Leadership Institute (full scholarship programs focused on leadership development)

Experiment programs are designed to equip participants not only with essential cultural skills and, in many cases, language skills, but also with a deeper awareness of and sensitivity to critical global issues shaping the diverse communities and regions we visit.

Each year, hundreds of Experimenters come away from their summer abroad with invaluable new skills, connections, awareness, and knowledge that help them to thrive—and lead—in diverse, intercultural environments.

The Experiment is committed to providing participants from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds with access to The Experiment’s immersive cross-cultural programs through its partnerships, scholarships, and other initiatives.

The Experiment Difference At a Glance

  • History and Experience. A distinguished 80-plus-year history of innovative leadership in international, cross-cultural programs for youth
  • Our Programs. A thematic focus—on sustainability and the environment; arts and social change; language and cultural discovery; leadership training; or peace, politics, and human rights
  • Intercultural Learning and Cross-Cultural Communication. A long tradition of building skills in intercultural learning and cross-cultural communication through immersive activities that promote language acquisition as well as cross-cultural empathy, flexibility, resilience, and efficacy
  • Homestays. Homestays and/or other immersive community experiences designed to provide meaningful and firsthand experience living in another culture
  • Maximizing Health and Safety. A strong focus on health, safety, and security. Programs follow a comprehensive structure designed to maximize the well-being of all participants while they engage with the host culture and local communities.
  • Enduring Partnerships with Organizations Nationwide. Longstanding and deeply rooted relationships with Experiment partner organizations, alumni, and donors—who believe in us and what we do—facilitate access to Experiment programs and support for a diversity of participants.
  • Small and Diverse Groups. Small and diverse participant groups—typically composed of two adult group leaders and 15 participants from very different geographic, racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Our Leaders, Partners, and Staff. Outstanding student support from experienced adult group leaders, in-country partners, and Experiment staff in Vermont, all of whom contribute enormously to the educational and immersive nature of our programs

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Participant Reviews

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