Summer@Rensselaer: Architecture Career Discovery

Troy, NY


At the Architecture Career Discovery Program high school students will experience first-hand the rigors and rewards of a college-level architecture studio. The program provides specific architectural training and enables students to make more informed decisions regarding their college careers.

This is a two week program, focusing on an intruduction to the theory of architecture, computing and simulation, freehand and extreme drawing, building ecologies and design. Students will be individually critiqued and tutored in design studios, group and individual projects, reviews and public presentations.

The core of the experience is studio work. Critique and evaluation of studio work is continuous, occuring in one-on-one discussion with instructors and in larger group reviews. Studio work is complimented by a series of lectures discussing the broader context of architectural practice, contemporary projects and practitioners, as well as more technical concerns such as drawing and model making.

The structure of the program follows three exercises that build upon eachother. The first two exercises deal with abstract forms and concepts; they are accomplished through modeling and drawing by hand. The final exercise deploys the abstract work in developing a novel architectural proposal- a small pavillion sited on the Rensselaer campus. This exercise introduces two and three-dimensional digital tools, and the final deliverables of this program are produced using computer software.

At the end of the program, students will have beginning proficiency in the following software: Rhinceros (3D modeling), Adobe Illustrator (2D drawing), and Adobe Photoshop (image editing).

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