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CCHI's Youth Programs aim to educate local elementary, high school and college students from Boston, Chelsea and Rever about health and science subjects, expose them to STEM-related (science, technology, engineering and math) careers and support them with the knowledge and the skills to excel.

MGH takes a “longitudinal approach” that recognizes the value of fostering STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) skills and interests in young people across a broad age spectrum, from 3rd grade to college. Students from schools and youth-serving programs across the Boston area participate in a variety of age-appropriate programs.

STEM Clubs

In grades 3 to 5, STEM Clubs aim to develop excitement and engagement in STEM subjects, build confidence in students’ abilities to succeed in these subjects, and increase exposure to STEM careers. Senior STEM Clubs for Grades 6-8, hosted at Boys & Girls Clubs and the Murphy School, continue the engagement with hand-on science and greater exposure to technology. In the Science Fair Mentoring Programs for Grade 7&8, MGH mentors and the Journal of Emerging Investigators work with James P. Timilty Middle School students in Roxbury on science fair projects from concept to completion. 

MGH Youth Scholars

STEM programming for secondary school students is more intensive and comprehensive. With our partners, East Boston High School, Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers, Revere High School, Chelsea High School, the Charlestown community and Concerned Black Men of Massachusetts, the weekly curriculum on the MGH campus provides foundational learning for grades 9 through high school and beyond.

The goal is to spark college aspirations and to understand the connection between a health or science career, and what it takes to get there. Summer enrichment in STEM curriculum takes place for students in STEM Camp through Wheelock College and the Efficacy Institute's Summer Success Program.

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