Landmark College’s High School Summer Program is an opportunity for high school juniors and seniors to tackle unique educational challenges while learning strategies to succeed in college. Students explore a new environment and take on college-level writing and othercourses during their time on campus.

Run by the first college established to serve students with learning disabilities, the High School Summer Program at Landmark College is designed to benefit high school juniors and seniors who face academic difficulties and are seeking to enhance their academic and social skills as they approach enrollment in college. 

At its heart, the High School Summer Program is about helping students learn to feel confident in how they approach acquiring knowledge and applying it to the world. The program is built around core courses that teach the science behind learning and explore how each student learns in a unique way. These courses lay the groundwork for success in college by offering lessons on a series of practical skills such as goal setting, note taking and the use of technology. The program goes a step further by also supporting students in the areas of interpersonal communications, emotional and physical well-being, and study skills.

Writing courses help participants build confidence, achieve college-level research abilities and craft effective essays. Students also have the opportunity to take elective courses in subject areas such as digital photography, drawing, pre-calculus, sports & culture, theater and more. In addition, the program dedicates time for academic prep. Students can review their work and prepare for future classes individually, in a group or supervised setting. 

Landmark College is located in rural Putney, Vermont. Putney is a small town with a village center listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Students live on campus with a roommate during the three-week program. Residence halls are overseen by Resident Directors and college-aged Resident Assistants. Students are separated based on gender. They have access to the dining hall and activities such as rafting on the Deerfield River, visiting a nearby mountain peak or the popular destination of Brattleboro.

A typical day for students includes breakfast, two courses, lunch, a third course and then extracurricular activities. This is typically followed by dinner, academic prep and a period of free time in the evening before all students must be in their dorm and then their room. 

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