Keewaydin Temagami for Boys & Girls

Salisbury, VT


Keewaydin Temagami remains true to the vision of our founder, A.S. Greg Clarke "The Commodore", who wanted to start a camp that focused on time out of base camp, on canoe trips.

Today we look much the same as we did in 1893; paddling in wood canvas canoes, using tump lines to portage canoes, equipment, and wannigans (the wooden boxes which we carry food and equipment.) Sections travel the surrounding wilderness waterways, often portaging from lake to lake or up and down rivers, making camp at new spot each night, sleeping in tents with one or two other campers.

We offer canoe trips for boys and girls ages 10 through 18. Each season we enroll about 150 campers, both girls and boys, who are assigned to wigwams based on age, experience and physical maturity. Each wigwam is split into smaller tripping groups of 4-8 campers called "sections", all of which are single gender. The duration and difficulty of the trips is determined by the age and level of experience of each section. We pride ourselves on placing each camper in the group that ensures a positive experience. For this reason camper's applications are carefully reviewed by the staff and placed in sections of similar age, maturity and experience.

Meals are cooked over open fires and sections prepare all of their food from scratch. Typical breakfasts are hot cereals, such as oatmeal or cream of wheat, and on special occassions pancakes and bacon. Lunches and dinners often include spaghetti, chili, stews, and curries. Meals are always made with a focus on good healthy calories. We do quite a bit of baking using our reflector ovens - from basic baking powder breads called bannock, to doughnuts, yeast breads and cinnamon rolls.

Most  Keewaydin Temagami campers are in the 10-15 year old age bracket and take trips of five, ten and even twenty-one days right from our island base camp, Devil’s Island.

Returning campers can spend the summer at the Evans Outpost on Lake Kawaweogama at the southern end of Wabakimi Provincial Park. They ride a train 18 hours west to Keewaydin's cabin, where they take trips of varying lengths and difficulty.

The oldest campers - 16, 17 and 18 years old will take six or seven week expeditions, the longest of which, the Hudson Bay Trip, is our culminating experience for campers and concludes on Hudson Bay.

Cost and Session Information

Camp Dates & Fees – 2016 Dates Description Duration Cost Jun 21-Aug 12 Section A or 1 ** 7 weeks $8,300 + Jun 28-Aug 12 Sections B, D, 2 & 3** 6 weeks $7,800++ Jun 28-Aug 12 Outpost Boys & Girls** 6 weeks $7,800 +++ Jun 28-Aug 12 Base Camp Session 6 weeks $6,800 Jun 28-Jul 20 Base Camp Session 1* 3 weeks $4,650 Jul 21-Aug 12 Base Camp Session 2* 3 weeks $4,650 Special Notes

* For 10-13 years olds only ** Expedition trips which generally require previous Keewaydin experience. + There is an additional $1,600 transportation fee for this trip. ++ There is an additional $1,025 transportation fee for these trips. +++ There is an additional $975 transportation fee for these trips.

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is required with application.

Deposits will be refunded only if we are unable to accept a camper.)


Early Bird Discount –  $225 discount if application is received by November 1, 2015. Sibling Discount – 5% discount on each fee is given for two or more siblings attending any one of Keewaydin’s three camps.

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