Adventures await teens at Hyde’s Summer Leadership Challenge. Students come from around the world to discover their best in athletics, academic enrichment, the arts, and the great Maine outdoors. Roll up your sleeves, breathe in the fresh air, and get ready for an unforgettable summer!

In this unique four-week program, students are introduced to the Hyde program of learning that asks that each individual to look inward to discover the best version of themselves. Through fun confidence and leadership-building acitivities and adventures both in the classroom, community, and on Hyde's 600 acre property of pristine natural beauty in Eustis, Maine, students make lasting friendships and memories as they gain a better understanding of themselves.

Character In Action:
Every experience throughout the Summer Challenge intentionally provides opportunities to discover and develop character while you apply courage, curiosity and concern to your life.

Academic Enrichment:
Inside and outside of the classroom, Hyde develops writers, speakers and problem solvers in a creative and fun summer learning environment.

At Hyde, attitude and effort mean everything. Whether you’re a seasoned varsity athlete or picking up a new sport for the first time, summer staff at Hyde will challenge and inspire you to find your best on the sports field. Athletics offered will include (and yes we have also played Quidditch!): Soccer, Basketball, Cross Country Running, Wrestling, Ultimate Frisbee, & Lacrosse.

Community Service:
Students at Hyde are leaders, and nothing demonstrates your leadership like giving back to your community and leaving it better than you found it. Throughout the summer we donate our time and energy to make the lives of others a little bit better. Past experiences have included helping with planting in the greenhouse at SpringWorks farm and picking up trash at Popham Beach.

Outdoor Adventure:
Make your way to Hyde’s spectacular 600-acre wilderness preserve in Eustis, Maine overlooking Flagstaff Lake and the Bigelow Mountain Range. This awe-inspiring setting is where you will be challenged to lead and connect with your peers.

Performing Arts:
Every student and faculty member in the Summer Challenge will take part in the final production at the end of the program. Your parents will be thoroughly impressed as you and your friends perform in a theatrical blockbuster that will prove to be a lifelong memory.

Family weekend:
Hyde’s Summer Challenge culminates with the opportunity to share your accomplishments and your vision with your family as they are challenged to do the same.

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