Students attending this Earthwatch Institute program in Maine will get a detailed look at environmental change in Acadia National Park. You’ll examine the impacts of global change phenomena—including warming temperatures and ocean acidification—on plants and wildlife, on land and within the intertidal zone.

The granite mountains and craggy coasts of the islands that make up Acadia are famous for their beauty and their wildlife; however, the habitat is threatened by the effects of climate change. Acadia’s scientists are exploring the impacts of warming temperatures, mercury pollution, and ocean acidification on plants and wildlife, on land, in ponds, and within the intertidal zone.

The data is being compared to more than 120 years of detailed natural history observations to compare current patterns. And that’s where Earthwatch volunteers come in – to help collect similar data that can be compared to this extended time-series data-set. Few places in the country have such a rich pool of observations to draw from and make comparisons to.

Help scientists tell the story of how humans are reshaping Acadia, which they hope will inspire policies that will help safeguard this iconic American habitat.

Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park will be your home during this expedition. These comfortable accommodations have a strong community atmosphere. You’ll stay in either a two- or four-bedroom apartment or a bunkhouse. Amenities include a full gym, wifi, and shared computers. The center’s accomplished food service staff will prepare your meals.


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