Duke Youth Programs, a part of Duke University Continuing Studies, has provided summer academic enrichment for academically motivated youth for over 35 years. This summer offers two sessions of classes for middle and high school students.

Duke Youth Programs’ Summer Online Program offers two sessions of classes for middle and high school students. Our richly diverse participants will spend their days crafting fiction and nonfiction, writing and performing poems, cracking and creating codes, exploring trailblazing research, debating ethical dilemmas, and enjoying virtual tours of Duke’s world class labs and other popular sites on Duke’s campus.

Our programs promote innovation, engagement, and a love for learning. The classes are designed to provide each participant with a high-quality academic experience and opportunities to connect with peers with similar interests and curiosities.

Duke Young Writers
This summer, choose from a list of writing courses that reads like an adventure novel: Myth, Magic, Monsters: Making a World; Paper Cuts, Words that Wound and Win; and Dark Fiction: Living on the Edge. And this is just a sampling of the dozens of courses to choose from! In the Young Writers’ Program for Middle and High School, you’ll spend two weeks meeting fellow writers, honing your craft, exploring new genres, and experiencing a writing community like no other. You’ll end the program with a full notebook, a full heart, and new confidence in your skills as a writer.

Cracking the Code: High School Cryptology Program

Do you love puzzles, brain teasers, and secret codes? Are you fascinated by the role of ciphers and spies throughout history? Get out your decoder ring, because this is the program for you! We’ll start by deciphering the history of cryptology, one that begins almost as early as human writing. From Julius Caesar to the Enigma machine to the RSA algorithm, codes (and the people who crack them) have decided the fates of empires and nations. Together with your code-cracking peers, you’ll debate the ethics of spying and encryption, explore the mathematical theory behind cryptography and cryptanalysis, and program in Python to recreate codes throughout history and to craft your own. Each day of the program will include live video instruction and discussion as a class as well as self-paced modules that students will work on independently with support of the staff and their fellow students.

Neurosciences Program
We are converting our well-reviewed program to an interactive online experience. Students will come together online to learn about and discuss the topics of sensation, perception, learning, memory, endocrinology, and psychopharmacology. Instructors will share lectures in real-time over Zoom, give remote demonstrations, and supplement the curriculum with workshops that can be conducted online and offline. Our program has always been driven by group work, and we believe we can preserve this through Zoom and its breakout group features, as well as through providing opportunities to read and discuss neuroscientific media. We will have online presentations from experts in sleep and dreaming, creativity, memory, and more. We will also include virtual lab tours of some of Duke’s coolest neuro-affiliated labs. Our core goal has always been to get students excited about new research and technologies, and we have the resources to maximize remote neuroscience learning experience with the technology afforded us by being hosted at Duke University.

Online Courses: Duke Summer Session 

We are excited to offer a selection of online courses for your personal enrichment! Join other academically-motivated students this summer in Duke Summer Session Online. Our two-week certificate courses will immerse you in an online experience where you can build your skills, discover your passions, and be exposed to fields that will equip you to help solve today’s most pressing challenges. Each two-week, online course includes a series of synchronous and asynchronous sessions, Monday – Friday, with meeting times to fit your busy schedule. 

You will choose your session option as well as your preferred course time: 

Outside of your synchronous meeting times, you will complete action items and engage in activities for independent practice and personal enrichment. Because we believe that a world-class academic experience should include a rewarding social experience, we offer a variety of online social programming events where you can expand your social network and enjoy fun activities!   

~Business, Law, & Public Policy in the Pandemic Era: A Global Challenges
~College Admissions Seminar & Workshop Series
~Mathematics for Today’s Global Challenges
~Research for Today’s Global Challenges

Join us this summer and be transformed!

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