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Culver Upper Camp is a six-week all-activity camp for young men and women, ages 13 1/2 to 17. Boys choose among the Aviation, Horsemanship and Naval Schools. Girls are organized into Decks and participate in the Schools of their choice.

Students receive formal instruction during six 45-minute class periods; four classes meet in the morning, and two classes meet after lunch in the afternoon. Classes are divided into three trimesters, meaning a new set of classes are scheduled every two weeks. Students have more than 80 classes to choose from, and though most courses are two-weeks in length, some classes meet for all six weeks. There are a few mandatory classes, depending on the school selected (Naval, Cavalry, or Aviation).Recreation Period: Most afternoons are devoted to intramural sports, but some free time does exist where students may visit with one another, enjoy the snack bar, or take advantage of Culver's outstanding facilities:

Completely renovated nine-hole golf course
Ice rink
Swim piers (or pool)
Over 100 watercraft
15 tennis courts
Fitness center

Evening: Though there are a few scheduled intramural games, most evenings are devoted to social time where students can relax and hang out with old friends, or meet new friends from around the world.

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Participant Reviews

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