Chewonki Foundation: Penobscot Whitewater Trip

Wiscasset, ME
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One of the most spectacular rivers in the East, the West Branch of the Penobscot drops 120 feet per mile and offers everything from the most challenging to the most gentle of rapidsan outstanding river for learning and perfecting whitewater kayaking skills.

Trip Overview

Participants will base camp at the Big Eddy Campground, which is conveniently located on the shores of the river.  A slow paced progression will enable trippers to improve their paddling skills in a fun, learning environment.  The first few days of the trip will be spent on the flat-water section of the river, allowing for basic paddling skills to develop.  As the trip progresses we will head on to different sections of the river that will afford participants new and exciting challenges.  The latter portion of the trip will be spent on the Seboomook section of the Penobscot, a beautiful class 2-3 stretch of river.

Within the trip there are many opportunities to explore the area around the river.  Participants may assist with a local service project, visit a hydroelectric station, or take a day hike in Baxter State Park.  Participants will find themselves in leadership positions, well equipped to deal with the challenges that face them.  Feedback from peers and instructors is an important part of the learning process.

Evenings will be spent at the Big Eddy base camp.  Skills such as cooking, woodcutting, fire building, and wilderness ethics will be practiced.  Participants with little or no wilderness experience are able to gain the knowledge that is important to living responsibly and comfortably in the outdoors. There will be time for reading, writing, swimming, and relaxing in the outdoors.

Although the trip is centered around kayaking, the essence of Penobscot Whitewater lies in the experience of living simply and embracing new challenges, allowing for self-discovery and personal growth.  It is an amazing opportunity for trippers to live beside a river, to feel a part of it, and to grow within it. 

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