We’re Camp Ocean Pines on the central coast of California and we love awkward kids, hyper kids and shy kids. At Camp Ocean Pines we believe that Summer Camp can be more than just a vacation. We've designed a new kind of program that still feels like the traditional camp experience of an American summer.

We love creative kids and athletic kids - kids who ask too many questions and kids who are nervous about being away from home. We love the messy kids, the movie quoting kids, the kids who would rather be wearing a cape, and of course the kids who always want to be outside.

Summer Camp with a purpose

Our summer program is technology free and based on 3 main goals for every camper: 

Connect: Growing up is challenging and so is making friends and learning how to navigate the social world. Camp Ocean Pines provides a safe and inclusive environment where campers can learn how to make new friends and how to be a part of a group. Our staff are highly trained in helping kids work through social challenges and we create a culture where every single child is accepted, included, and able to grow in social confidence.

Explore: The only way a new generation will care about nature and the environment is if they experience it in a fun and positive way. In short, we aim to show kids how cool nature can be! Whether it's kayaking in morro bay, meeting our raptors up close, or just sitting under the stars, we give kids the nature experience that last a lifetime.

Grow: Our daily activities and trips are all intentionally designed to help kids feel challenged and ultimately to experience success. We praise campers for their process - for their hard work and effort - and they leave with confidence and a greater sense of self. We believe that confidence is built from within and we strive to give the opportunities for that during every day of camp.

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Participant Reviews

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